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Long Pink Dress

Oh please don’t tell us you wouldn’t fuck this like a dirty pig who hasn’t had anything to eat in six days…

nicoles long pink dress
Nicole Graves in a long pink dress

Nicole is one of those hotties that most men spend most of their free time wishing they could spend a few hours with, no to mention wanting to fuck them silly until they are unable to walk. It’s good to have hobbies and past times! Here’s a second shot of her in case your still not into her….

taking dress off
Nicole Graves getting naked!

Now tell us you wouldn’t give your left nut for one hour of party time with her…..

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Would You Hit This?

Would you not hit this? Twice? Hard?

tiffany paris in bra

We’ve always been a huge fan of Tiffany Paris. She’s old enough to know better but young enough to get away with it. She’s a little tiger ready to pounce. And she loves to suck the cock too!

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Hot Lesbian Backrub


lesbian back rubs

Words cannot convey how hawt it is when Tiffany Preston gives one of her girlfriends a back rub!

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Meet Trisha

We like women who work out. And we really like women who work out naked!

trisha uptown

Meet Trisha Uptown. She’s a uptown girl with style and class, but isn’t afraid to go downtown when needed. We haven’t been in her member’s area yet but her tour does have some girl girl photos on it…. so that’s why we say she isn’t afraid to go “downtown” – because all women are really muff divers at heart.

Nice to meet you Trisha!

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After School Special

This is why we love what we do!

sucking on a banana

Nice to see Eileen practing on her banana. A banana a day…. you know the rest!

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Lip Gloss

Do you think her lip gloss comes off when she swallows your cock?

putting on lip gloss

We should put her lips to the test! Any one want to step foward and take care of it?

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