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In The Beginning…..

This is how it begins…. A glass of wine (or two or three) and the boyfriend pulls out a camera. “Hey, let’s take some sexy photos”. Willing to please, the girlfriend takes puts on a sexy outfit, photos are taken, love making (or raw fucking) takes place…. and in the morning the boyfriend uploads the pictures to the internet to share with his buddies, it ends up posted on message boards…. and eventually a website is opened.

I’m guessing this is how it happened with Mike and his girlfriend Jen Madison.

jen madison first pictures

Men, got a girlfriend and a camera? Do the math, put two and two together, and get to work like Mike did with Jen Madison!

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Oh So Wrong But

I’m not sure if this is hot or wrong or kinky or illegal. So damn confusing.

Is it wrong that I get turned on watching the Taylor Twins fondle each other?

hot sexy twins

Does it turn you on?

Would you hit both the Taylor Twins at the same time? Would you feel bad?

I wouldn’t.

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Kiss This

Would you kiss this?

sweet and kissable

Her name is Kissable Kayden. And the correct answer is “Yes, I would kiss this until my lips were raw”.

Beautful face, nice legs, perfect breasts, and a flawless belly. She’s hittable!

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Tag It Yes Yes

She’s young, she’s cute, and you all know and love her…. Ariel Rebel rocks!

hit this from behind

I’ve never met Ariel Rebel, but yesterday afternoon I had the oppertunity to speak with her on the phone for the first time. She’s Canandian and speaks the French; She answered the phone in French with a beautiful little accent that nearly made me cum in my pants right there on the spot.

I can just imagine her talking dirty to me whele I’m tagging it from behind…. Yes Yes!

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Hit This Yes

Would you hit this?

sexy hot young diddy

The correct answer is: Yes, I would hit Diddylicious until my cock fell off.

Odd name she has…. Diddylicious…..

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Raven Riley Naked

Would you hit Raven Riley?

raven riley buck ass naked

You bet your ass you would hit Raven Riley! She’s smoking hawt, loves to suck cock, and has a tight body. Yeah, you’d hit it!

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Hot Assitant

Everyone in the work place needs a big breasted secretary like Busty Rachel…..

sexy secretary boobs short skirt long legs

I can visualize now… “Okay, we are done taking notes now Rachel. Why don’t you kneel on the chair so I can spank your firm bottom”. Yummy. Wish I would work like that every day!

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Pink Panties

Do you like your woman in pink panties?

sexy pink panties

Okay, this was a trick question. We could care less about her pink panties. But you did you catch the camel toe going on there? Take a second look (you damn pervert!). That’s hot.

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Don’t be foolish

Don’t tell me you would give up your left nut to sleep with Tasty Tara. You know you would.

sexy blonde bitch

Don’t be foolish. Of course you would sleep with her. (Nice titties by the way!)

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Hot Red Lace Catsuit

I’ve always loved catsuits…. and Sandy Summers displays hers nicely!

sandy summers smoking hot

What I love the most about the catsuit – besides being see through – is the fact that it tightly wraps around the body. Very hot!

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