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Florida Sunshine

Every now and then a woman comes along that is too hard to resist. For example, you wouldn’t be able to turn away Sandy Summers – and nor would you kick her out of your bed if you were lucky enough to get her there. Her blonde hair, tanned body, and perfectly sized breasts would be impossible to turn away!

sandy summers13

Now that summer has come and gone for most of us, we long for the days when we spent our time on the beach watching the girls in bikinis. Sandy Summers is a Flordida babe and has sunshine all year round (which explains her tan – no fake tan for her!).

We’d love to spend a day in the sun with her in this bikini!

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Up Against The Wall

We’d love to fuck Raven Riley up against the wall of her front porch…..

raven riley up against wall

Yes, this is what we would like to do. Thankfully she’s wearing this little skirt and – check it – no panties!


Nice wide spread shot there!

We would so hit that pussy!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who visits Free Cherries!!!

Here’s our gift to you – a picture of the most beautiful woman on the Internet today….. Allison Angel!!!

christmas gift

Have a great day everyone!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

sexy merry christmas1

Got a new computer? Check out Sandy Summers. She’s quickly rising on my list of favorites!

sexy merry christmas2

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Christmas Break

Christmas is almost upon us… and there is no one we would rather spend the holidays with other than Raimi Miller!!!!

xxx raimi miller school girl skirt

We love this sexy short skirt!!!! We spend most of time dreaming about Raimi and sliding our hands up that short skirt, removing any panties she has on, bending her over, and nailing her right there. She also has perfect tits – none of that huge fake boobies here – and while we are hitting it from behind we’d love to play with them too!

Yeah, she would make a neat Christmas present!!!!

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Could Not Say No

No man in his right man would be able to say no to Lia 19 in this outfit….

lia short skirt boobies

Not to mention she’s on one knee…..

While we have our doubts that she’s 19 – we think she’s 22 – we surely wouldn’t toss her out of our bed.

What we would like to know most is where she took this picture. Lia seems to be outside. Public nudity is hot – we love sex outside – but isn’t she afraid to get caught. She seems to get off on this because most of the photos in her site are taken outside. That’s hot!

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Amazon Girl

Cute Rain is, well, cute.

We love the way her boobies are tightly wrapped up in this bikini!

sexy cute rain

This outfit kind of makes her look like an amazon women, doesn’t it?

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Dawon Miller’s Boobs

Lords – Dawson Miller has some big hooters!!!

dawson boobie fondle

How in the world does a woman the age of Dawson Miller have boobs this big without having fake boobs? Perhaps she’s just blessed?

If the boobs wasn’t enough her personlity shines right through. Check out the video on her main webpage – We love the part where she’s going down the water slide buck ass naked. Looks like fun. And the final scene… naked in the snow? Is that a huge turn on for us, or does it look painful? You tell us!

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Naked Outside

We love it when young women get down on their hands and knees – you know what this leads to!

Let’s watch Teen Deja show us how it’s done….

teen deja outside1

So imagine your dating Teen Deja and stuffing your cock into her on a regular basis and you take out to the woods for a walk. She’s honry – all women her age are always honry – and she decides it’s time to get a little loving. Right there. In the woods.

Off comes the clothes!

teen deja outside2

Nice thong!

We’d hit it right there and then! Because we love getting naked outside!

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Sexy Outfit

Misty Anderson is displaying what all women should wear every night after they come home to their lovers….

Yes, we said each and every night!!!!


Misty Anderson looks totally sexy in the this blue bustier, black stockings, and stripper high heels. Looks like she’s about to dive in on her lover, who ever that lucky soul might be this week!

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