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Super Star Porn Star

Would you hit this?

whore all dressed up

Don’t kid yourself. You would in a heartbeat because it’s better than your best girlfriend. She’s Tiffany Preston and she’s beautiful and she’s all dressed up. God bless Al Gore’s Internet!

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Ron Harris

Today on the Internet there is so much good porn. It’s hard to choose which sites you want to sign up for. But only a handful of these sites have been producing good high quality photos and videos on a regular basis for a long time. Ron Harris is one of them.

sexy ron harris picture

Ron Harris has been shooting porn since long before the internet – he goes back to the old school days of Hustler and Penthouse. Rememer Jazzercise? That was all him. (Thanks for that Ron!) Check out his site; It’s loaded with high quality stuff – and no dicks.

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All About Ashley

Today we decided we wanted to know “All About Ashley“. Ashley is an eighteen year old woman who gets off knowing that other men are getting off on her photos and videos. Although the outside of her site concentrates on her, once inside the member’s only area it quickly becomes clear that Ashley likes other women.

In fact, she likes them a lot!

all about ashley

Check out her site, sign up, and prepare for some hot lesbian teen action!

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Raven Riley Shower Action

Raven is the type of girl that likes to do it all. However, there was one thing missing from her site – some serious hard core girl on girl action! No solo girl site is complete with some serious muff diving!

raven riley

Looks like Raven Riley and one of her girlfriends got into it pretty deep in the shower. Why is it that women like to bang each other in the shower? So this way when they get all worked up they don’t have to take a shower afterwards? Check out Raven’s site. It’s got it all now!

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Just Plain Smoking Hot

This is just plain smoking hot!

totally hot

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Got Panties?

Like woman in panties? Then I found the site for you. It’s called Panty Girls! It’s full of girls in panties!

hot panties

If your liking the women in panties thing this site is for you!

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Kori Kittens Sexy Red Dress

Check out the smoking hot sexy red dress Kori Kitten is wearing!

kori kitten

Women should dress like this more often. There isn’t much to this dress; One small gust of wind can change everything with this dress. You can pretty much see all of her chest and a quick lift of the dress from the botton can tell us if she’s wearing panties – or not.

We would kill to see women dressing like this on a daily basis. The mall, shopping….. That would make life so much more interesting! Thanks Kori for sharing!

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Tasty Tara or Tasty Slut?

Think Tara is a tasty or just another tasty slut?

tasty tara

We think a bit of both. Tara is hot, digs girls, and does it all. Because she’s hot we’ll call her tasty, but because she does it all we’ll call her a slut. So let’s just call her a tasty slut be done with it!

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Perfect Combination

Every now and then a woman comes along who is the perfect combination of what we are looking for in a lover. Niiki Nevada is one such woman. Take a look at her stunning breasts!

nikki nevada

She’s the prefect recipie…. One part sex kitten, one part the woman we can bring home to our parents, and two parts of “we want to fuck her really hard”. Her breasts are perfectly proportioned… great ass too!

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Mandy Mayhem Video

We’ve never met Mandy Mayhem in person, but we know some of her friends. Word got to her that she’s on our blog here and made a special video for us.

mandy mayhem video

Seems they shot Mandy yesterday, edited the video, and put it online for us – pretty quick turn around. It pays to have friends in high places. In case your wondering, in the beginning they mention the name “Rochard” – That’s me. (Nice to meet you!) This should prove that Free Cherries is well connected!

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