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Ally Style Gets Fucked

Ally Style knew she didn’t have what she needed to be a cheerleader… But that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun trying!

She got the cheerleader coach in his back yard, telling her she could still work her old magic. Instead, she just pulled out his cock and starting giving him head!

ally style cheerlerader slut1

By being bold like this she made him harder than he been in years. He was used to fucking hot nineteen year old cheerleader hopefuls – but this slut turned him on!

ally style cheerlerader slut2

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Sucking Down Super Deep

Ashley had always had a thing for strong men with big cocks, and Ray was exactly what she had always dreamed of… He was strong – could carry her into the bedroom – and he had a huge fucking cock.

She got all dressed up for him and decided to give him the best blow job ever…

sexy whore loves cock3

She climbed on top of him, not to fuck him or ride his cock, but to suck him off… She knew in this position that she would be able to deep throat his extra long cock!

sexy whore loves cock4

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Fucking On The Casting Couch

He was trying to explain it as easily as he could. If she wanted to make it in Hollywood, she was going to have to suck some cock. And a whole lot more.

It just wasn’t sinking in – until the instant he dismissed her, just like he’s sent way hundreds of other chicks who weren’t interested in sucking him off.

taylor bell gets-Fucked1

Turns out Taylor Bell was more than willing to suck cock… She just needed the right motivation!

He was a bit pissed – He doesn’t like having to work for it. He grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth down around his cock!

taylor bell gets-Fucked2

Forcing her down around his cock made him harder than usual, so he was able to give her a hot special treat… Against his desk!

taylor bell gets-Fucked3

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Cheerleader Oral Freak

Vanilla Sky wanted to be a cheerleader, but she knew she didn’t have a hope in hell. She knew he best chance to was suck off and fuck the cheer coach, and she was willing to go all the way to make it happen…

When he noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties…. he knew what was up!

vanilla sky cheerleader slut4 vanilla sky cheerleader slut5

He quickly too her inside so no one saw them. He was a married man and it would look good if someone saw him getting blown by a teen cheerleader…

She was a little oral freak!

vanilla sky cheerleader slut6

After she mounted him and fucked him on the couch… She’ll be sure to make the cheer team!

vanilla sky cheerleader slut7

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Teen Cock Sucking Tool

Kelly knew enough to keep her sexy little brown eyes open when sucking down thick cock… And look mom, no hands!

She’s a cock sucking tool, and very easy on the eyes…

kelly hot teen loves sucking dick

Phil was turned on – having a hot teen slut suck him off like oral sex was super hot!

He wanted to explode in her mouth… But he also wanted to make sure knew what it would be like to get a huge sperm facial!

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Cum On Her Face

Donna knew what she was doing. She told him she could do it and she wasn’t kidding… But when she wanted her to suck him off while he was above her, she saw all the warning signs but still let him do it.

It was hot at first until she discovered he was lowering his cock into her mouth, and she had no place to go!

hot slut gets facial8

She turned him on so much that he came right on her face!

Donna loved eating cum as much as the next slut… And this time even more!

hot slut gets facial9

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Sucking And Fucking The Man

Abbie knew exactly what she was doing… She had finally found someone who really worked at a movie studio – and she was willing to go all the way to get what she wanted.

When she walked out of the bathroom wearing only her panties, he knew exactly what was about to happen. And his cock was rock hard instantly!

abbie loves fucking1

Turns out she was willing to do so much more than just suck his cock! She wanted it all!

It wasn’t the first time that Lenny had a hot bitch up against his desk, but this might have been one of the hottest fucks in recent weeks!

abbie loves fucking2

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Sucking On His Balls

Connie wanted to fuck, but she had to get Kevin away from his fucking lame video games long enough to get his attention. Turns out Kevil was addicted to Call Of Duty…

But once she got his attention she was going to give it up… She sucked on his balls! That always keeps him interested…

connie sucks on balls1

Interested enough to keep him around long enough so she could ride his cock hard, getting herself off!

She’s a slut through and through -and now she’s showing off her true colors!

connie sucks on balls2

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Teen Almost Deep Throats

She might have been new to sucking cock but that didn’t mean she didn’t know which end to use… Audrey got down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth it was something she had been doing for years. And she kept her big sexy brown eyes open the entire time…

hot teen babe has cock in mouth

With just a little bit more effort this teen slut would be deep throating his cock down!

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Fucking The Boss’s Wife

Henry was surprised when he ran into Jennifer – His boss’s wife. She was dressed up like a whore with her titties pushed up and wearing a short little slutty dress. She winked at him and said “Make sure you don’t tell Robert you saw me dressed up like this”. He smiled….

And then she came onto him!

fucking bosses wife1 fucking bosses wife2

It right right outside of the men’s room, she started flirting with him. They quickly ducked into an empty storage room – and his boss’s wife got down on her knees and started sucking him off!

fucking bosses wife3 fucking bosses wife4

He ended up banging his boss’s wife in the night club!

fucking bosses wife5

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