It’s always very exciting to see something that I have reviewed in the closed past and notice then that other big shots, if we can call them that, what would be better would be to call them the leaders in the adult industry information and media, actually talk about life porn and its impact on the adult industry today. The website is on XBIZ and if you don’t know what Xbiz is that I suggest you Google it because it is an incredibly good resource that talks about Atul entertainment and the adult industry in general and therefore I’m sure that you will find it very interesting especially if you are either in the auto industry but most likely like you all are that are reading this article are adult entertainment lovers. There is another resource called AVN, and a few others that are at the same level, but have a lot of exclusive news and extremely interesting articles about porn stars, porn movies, and like said the Atul industry in general, in other words what’s happening and what is going on.

cherrypimps shows 4

Anyway it was great to see it featured and to be honest during this time and space between the two articles that I’ve posted about cherry pimps on this blog I have checked out a lot more Live Porn Shows on their and I was delighted to see that the price per show has remained the same and they guarantee it will stay the same for a very long time and that is around a dollar 99, keep in mind that with this $1.99 you get to see porn star getting banged for an hour and a half of the two hours, and not some nobody, I’m talking about porn stars and therefore someone that knows how to handle cock and is absolutely professional when having sex in front of a camera.

While I didn’t actually see all the Pornstars Live, but all the shows that I had missed I went in the archives and check them out as they are also all recorded and there for you to see and watch and enjoy at any time of the day, that is just another spec that I think that I forgot to mention on my first article regarding this website. However feel free to go over there and take the free trial you won’t have to pay for the first few shows I want that you’ve seen the first shows I’m sure that you will remain inside up because this is the future of porn and it is absolutely incredible.