The two girls that you see in the images right here below are hot, yes they are, however they are not Hot Pornstars or at least yet they are not. These two girls one is 19 years old the other is 29, of both send in a series of digital photographs and a video of themselves having sex and are requesting that our office will have them come in for a casting session, in other words they want to become porn models.

We get these kind of envelopes in the mail all the time, DVDs or watch me on this channel etc. etc. However at the end of the day only a handful out of the thousands every year actually do make it. There is a lot more than just taking cock that makes you a pornstar, it’s really not that easy, and you will always figure that out once that you are actually in your casting section in the studios when certain things happen to you that you were not expecting and there are things that you will have to do if you want to become a pornstar that in bed with your boyfriend you wouldn’t normally do.

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