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Cherry Pie Teens

Melissa and Cheryl are two very hot and sexy teens.They are best friends and like to have sleepovers with each other where they change into some small pajamas and get very sensual with each other.The girls likes to touch their bodies all over and take turns licking and sucking on their tits.


Melissa likes to lay on top of Cheryl and have her nice pointy boon go inside of her mouth.Cheryl takes advantage and begins to suck on the nipple and tit.She takes the whole thing in her mouth and starts to flick her tongue on the nipple too.She stimulates her senses and has her nipple very wet and dripping with her oral juices.Melissa feels the hard tugs of Cheryls mouth and moans in delight.She likes it when her friend sucks roughly on her tits.


Melissa wants to please Cheryl now because she did such a good job on her titties.She gets down between her legs and rubs on her pussy with her hands.She takes her thumb and gently inserts it into her pussy feeling it very wet.She then takes her tongue and begins to lick on that nicely shaven pussy and get it very wet and warm to please her.


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