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Lesbian Anal Couple

Meet Lisa and Alice and their sexual appetite.The girls are lesbian lovers who like to make out all the time and taste each others juices.Lisa is the hot blonde babe and Alice is the mysterious but equally hot brunette lesbian slut.They started to make out and interlock their tongues to get their juices flowing.


Alice wanted to please Lisa really bad so she had her lay down on the couch and open her legs up wide.She started to tease her pussy and rub a finger all over it.She got her very wet and horny and when she saw that she was trying to catch up to her breath she took a finger and shoved it inside of her anal hole making her scream in pleasure.


When ALice saw this, she took advantage of the situation and started to dig her finger deeper into her anal hole.Lisa loved the way it felt and begged her to go in deeper and faster.


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