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Sam gets Wrecked

Sam was in the mood to fuck and she really wanted her pussy to get wrecked by a fat long cock.She invited her assistant soccer coach because he wasnt too old and she knew that he would appreciate this pink horny 19 year old pussy.She stripped off her panties and her clam shell pussy was in full view for him to enjoy.


He had her lay down as he grabbed her legs and opened them up. He told her to open wide for the cock to come and thats exactly what she did.He punched her pussy with his cock and in went the dickinto the very warm and moist teen pussy hole.


After having his way with her pussy she wanted to take control and get her teen pussy sore from riding his cock.She sat on him and held on for the ride as the cock was getting pumped into her wet pussy over and over again.She screamed and moaned.


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