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Kacey Jordan Starts Her Porn Career

Kacey Jordan is a petite blonde with a real eagerness to be seen and known. She wasn’t shy or nervous filming this. In fact, she approached Reality Kings with a real eagerness to jump start her porn career. It didn’t take any coaxing at all to get this hot young blonde to get raunchy for the cameras. Watch as she strips naked with a smile. She knows how to tease and she definitely knows how to please. Kacey takes off everything and parts her big pussy lips to start masturbating. She gets that cooch good and juicy so that she is more than ready for the fat cock brought to her. She mouths the meat and then gets her pussy tenderized by it.


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Little Brandy Deep Throats

Sexy young Brandy is a bright-eyed brunette who loves to smile and suck cock. She had just turned 18 the summer before shooting this and flew from Atlanta to give porn a try. We think she did a great job! She is enthusiastic every step of the way in this scene. If she was at all nervous, it sure doesn’t show. Watch her strip to show her firm little boobs, big round butt, and shaved camel toe pussy. As great as all of that is, nothing beats watching her gag on cock. She wraps her mouth around that monster rod and does some impressive deep throating! See her full amateur scene inside of Reality Kings now.


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Sexy Redhead Loves Being Plowed

This foxy redhead is ready to party and she wants to do it naked. See the creamy skin sexpot take off her top and slide off her shorts. She shows her ice round ass and sweet tits. Watch her play with her wet pussy, rubbing the smooth surface and smiling at the sensation. She is more than ready for cock and giggles as she greets it. She licks the shaft and mouths the head, then takes that dick deep up in her tight slit. She gets plowed hard from behind and you get to see it all in explicit detail at Reality Kings.


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Spreading Her Cherries

Kerry might like showing off her free cherry, but she likes cock up the ass more than anything else…. Nothing gets her cherry wetter than a hard cock up the rump!

hottie kerry takes cock up ass2

And no on man will ever say no to a good ass fucking!

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Julie Does Anal Sex

Julie told him she could take any kind of abuse he could dish out… And she was serious too. She liked it rough.

But she had no idea he was thinking about anal sex!

julie hot anal slut

Turns out taking his cock in her ass was the hardest thing she ever did!

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Hung Like A Fucking Horse

Carlos didn’t need to work too hard for it… Pussy was always free and cheap for him! Then again, he was hung like a fucking horse

When she walked in on him in the bathroom… Instantly her pussy was wet. It was moments like these that she didn’t wear panties!

sienna loves huge cock1

She hiked up her dress and showed off her pussy, and he was all over her like a bear on honey!

He rammed his huge cock right up inside of her!

slutty ariel loves huge cock 101

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Christmas Morning Anal Sex

Monica told him Christmas morning that she would do anything he wanted her to to for the rest of the day. And she was willing to do anything. She just never thought he would want something like anal sex!

Turns out all he anted to do was ram his cock up her tight dirty little teen ass!

smoking hot teen tries anal101

He got so turned by finally getting to fuck her in the ass that he came too quickly – and all over her ass!

smoking hot teen tries anal102

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Anal Hurts and Feels Good

She knew she would never be fully ready for anal sex, but Denise always knew it was going to happen some day…

Denise started fucking off Robert just like any other day – she loved sucking cock – and she had no idea Robert was going to try something new!

denise loves anal sex1

He was fucking this teen slut doggie style when suddenly he pulled out and rammed his cock down her ass!

denise loves anal sex2

She had never been fucked in the ass before, and when it happened she was surprised – it hurt and felt good all at the same time!

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Blonde Babe Rides Dick

When she’s down on her knees taking his cock in her mouth, Thomas is in heaven. He loves getting his cock blown and it turns out that blonde haired Misty is the best cock sucker he’s ever met! That’s why he kept this dumb bitch around….

Knowing that she’ll keep her eyes open the entire time she has his cock in her mouth while blowing him is a huge fucking turn on for him too!

hot blonde teen misty hot young whore2 hot blonde teen misty hot young whore3

But just when he’s about ready to cum she pulls his cock out of his mouth and starts riding him…. Because she wants him to cum in her tight little pussy, not her mouth!

hot blonde teen misty hot young whore4

He’s not complaining!

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Slutty Teen Waitress Fucks In Bathroom

Tori Lux was always a little bit on the slutty side, but that was fine with her. She was having fun.

She was at work one day when she was serving pizza to a cute guy named Steve. He made her pussy wet. She had to get his attention and had to make her intentions obvious! She flirted with him, raising up her skirt and showing off her tight little ass!

tori lux loves hard-cock 1 1

When he went to the little boys room she decided to stop in and check up on him – and quickly she ended up on her knees sucking him off, just like she’s sucked off a hundred men before her!

tori lux loves hard-cock 1 2

He ended up fucking this teen slut right on the bathroom counter!

tori lux loves hard-cock 1 3 tori lux loves hard-cock 1 4

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