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Backseat Blow Job

Jade was never the shy and bashful type. She’s not afraid to grab life by the horns and run with it!

Bill knew he was lucky. Jade was beautiful and had a killer body, and was always fun to be with. But she took it to the next level when they were out shopping and she wanted him to buy her a certain piece of jewelry. He said no at first…

jade loves cock

This perky blonde teen hottie lead him out to the car to the back seat where she took his cock out and started to suck him down!

This was just like road head!

Sure enough, he got to cum in her mouth – and she got some new jewelry!

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Perfect Combination

Every now and then a woman comes along who is the perfect combination of what we are looking for in a lover. Niiki Nevada is one such woman. Take a look at her stunning breasts!

nikki nevada

She’s the prefect recipie…. One part sex kitten, one part the woman we can bring home to our parents, and two parts of “we want to fuck her really hard”. Her breasts are perfectly proportioned… great ass too!

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Walking By

So there you are walking down the street when you pass this gal drinking Crush soda. Do you (a) walk on by or (b) sit down with her and start a conversation hoping it will lead to her banging our brains out in a ally around the corner?

areial rebel sidewalk cafe

If it’s Ariel Rebel I hope you picked option “b”. Cause I’m guessing she can fuck you like a rabbit and not leave you hanging for more.

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Meet Lia

It’s time for us to introduce you to our good friend Lia 19. We’ve known her for some time, and well, she’s not really 19 any more. That was a few years ago. We aren’t sure of her real age, but we know she’s legal drinking age. No matter – we’d still part with any amount of cash to spend a single night with her.

sexy lia 19

Lia is a pretty girl who lives outside of Phoenix and drives an Eclipse with a rag top. We know about the car because there are pictures of her with it all over her site – and video too. One of our favoites is the video of her washing her car. She’s also part of the FTV Girls Network, and they have some sweet cars there including a nice Mercedes Benz and a Lambo – and sometimes Lia gets photographed on those cars as well.

Check out her site when you have time. You won’t be disappointed.

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Big Gun!

Misty Anderson likes big guns……

big guns

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Ally Kay Outdoors

Ally Kay was spending the weekend with her boyfriend and she was very excited to see him.he has been to busy to spend some time with her so this weekend she was going to make him miss her even more and have some great fuck sessions with him so he would work less and work on pumping that pussy with his cock.She made him drive her to the park where she said she wanted to lay out and relax.She took off her clothes in a secluded area and he knew that she was ready to suck and fuck him good.


As soon as she got naked his dick got very stiff and hard for her.She noticed this and moved in to take that cock into her mouth.She looked him in the eyes as she began to suck on his long fat dick and get it nice and wet. Ally was very horny and she was missing giving him blowjobs like this.he also was relieved that he was finally able to get some pussy after all his hard work.He promised that he would see her more often to get her lips wrapped around his cock.


Once his dick was very nice and stiff she demanded that he pump her pussy from behind with his cock.He didnt argue and had her get on all fours as she spread open as wide as she could and he got closer to her hole.he grabbed on to her hips and his long hard cock started to pump her in the wet hole nice and good.She started to moan and go wild as he fucked her real good and then came inside of her.


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Courtney Lightspeed Big Boobs And Jeans


It’s all about tease today with cute teen Courtney Lightspeed. She has those delicious big boobs so large for her age and a tight teen ass that is covered right now with jeans. Still she is a sight to see especially when she leans over and those big tits nearly slide from her top.

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Diddlyicious Has A Perfect Ass


That beautiful round ass is what teen model Diddlylicious is focusing on today anyway. I see nothing wrong with that perfectly formed little bubble butt. Of course the rest of this cutie is just as well formed and just as horny as her ass. Now take that pretty pink pussy….Oh yeah she is a horny teen.

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Haylee’s Boat Ride

Back by popular request is Haylee Hunter. The last time we posted the pictures of her in that short skirt we got flooded with email!

Here she is again in a tight pair of ripped jeans and a tight shirt with her tits ready to explode out of her shirt!

hayille jordan tight shirt ripped jeans

Yeah, we’d hit that!!!

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Ice Cream Tease

Everyone loves tight clothing – Tight shirts restraining tits of all sizes and tight jeans that don’t leave much to the imagination…. I love this shot of Ariel Rebel in her super tight jeans and tight red shirt!!

ariel rebel tight shirt tight jeans1

Of course the fact that this tightly wrapped body is on her knees posing as if she wants to blow you just adds to it…. I always love women when they are on their knees!!!

Looks like Ariel Rebel has some great great talent in that department – blow men. Check out this tongue action when she’s going down on her ice cream…

ariel rebel tight shirt tight jeans2

I wonder if she’s wearing a bra or if her little breasts would just pop out…

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