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Hot Teen Cock Sucker

Zoey might be a cute teen but the good things in life aren’t free…. But still this blonde teen cock sucker could tricked into sucking off cock cock…

blonde teen-zoey loves sucking cock 1

And you know how much all school girls love having a thick cock in their mouth!!!

What is left over of his cock she has in her hand – and this slutty school girl is stroking him off while she’s sucking him down….

blonde teen-zoey loves sucking cock 2

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Fucking On The Casting Couch

He was trying to explain it as easily as he could. If she wanted to make it in Hollywood, she was going to have to suck some cock. And a whole lot more.

It just wasn’t sinking in – until the instant he dismissed her, just like he’s sent way hundreds of other chicks who weren’t interested in sucking him off.

taylor bell gets-Fucked1

Turns out Taylor Bell was more than willing to suck cock… She just needed the right motivation!

He was a bit pissed – He doesn’t like having to work for it. He grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth down around his cock!

taylor bell gets-Fucked2

Forcing her down around his cock made him harder than usual, so he was able to give her a hot special treat… Against his desk!

taylor bell gets-Fucked3

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Hot Sexy Tag Team

John was always a stud. He wanted his women two at a time, every time, and that was just the way it was. If they couldn’t handle it, they would have to find another cock to ride…

wendy white mandy may tag team cock1

But John’s pants was packed – his cock was huge – and most women knew this going in. They all wanted this huge cock sliding up in their pussys!

They didn’t care if they had to share! Sharing is good – isn’t that what all women are taught?

wendy white mandy may tag team cock2 wendy white mandy may tag team cock4

And of course John got off fucking his babes two at a time!

wendy white mandy may tag team cock3

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Hot Teen Slut Gets Fucked

Robert was putting a play at the college and Jamie wanted in. She wanted to know if she could act, because after college she was heading out to Hollywood. She already knew about the casting couch and was more than willing to sleep her way right up to the top.

She dressed up like a whore for the interview….

hot teen slut is total whore1

They had just gotten started when she told she would blow him and fuck him if he gave her the part. He was all for it.

Turns out this slut can really really suck cock!

hot teen slut is total whore2

And of course she can take cock like a hot little teen slut!

hot teen slut is total whore3

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Fran Tries Deep Throating

She wasn’t the best cock sucker around, but she did her best… She knew her weak spot when giving oral was deep throating; This blonde teen just couldn’t suck down the cock deep enough. It’s because she was a tiny chick and his cock was so big – it just quickly filled her mouth!

fran tries deep throating cock

But from Reggie’s point of view it was fun trying to suck him down! She could take her sweet time, so long as she kept trying!

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Teen Molly Loves Sucking Cock

For reasons her boyfriend might never understand, Molly loves giving head. She loves sucking cock; This hot young teen loves having her mouth full of cock!

But the best part of having a teen like Molly suck off your cock is that she has a huge rack, and she gets off playing with her titties….

molly loves oral sex 1

While she’s sucking off a cock she’s playing with her huge rack, squeezing her boobies….

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Fucking Old Men

Being a teen wasn’t always what it was cracked up to be. She thought she knew everything and she thought she knew best, but making enough money to afford her crappy one bedroom apartment was getting more and more difficult. She had no idea how adults did it.

Maria heard about the weirdos who spent their free time hanging out, hitting on young chicks. They were willing to pay her for her time, so long as she did whatever they wanted. She didn’t have a boyfriend and loved to fuck anyhow, so she figured she couldn’t loose at this point…

They had cash in hand!

fucking teen maria23 fucking teen maria24

And all she had to do was mount one of them while stroking off the other guy!

fucking teen maria25

They were older for sure, but their hard cocks still worked fine – and it felt good to have her pussy filled up with cock again!

fucking teen maria26

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Fucking For Hard Cold Cash

Kathy had heard the rumors. She had heard that when hot teens needed to make some quick cash, there was a couple of guys that would pay them to do crazy things… Such as tag teaming both of them! She was cute, had pigtails, and she was hard up for cash….

And these guys had cash!

kathy teen pigtails paid for sex1

Back at their place they pulled out yet more cash while they pulled out her titties and started to play with them while kissing her…

kathy teen pigtails paid for sex2

She might have been a teen slut, but being paid to fuck these two guys was the craziest thing she’s ever done!

kathy teen pigtails paid for sex3

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Teen Becomes A Whore

All teen chicks like two things – money and sex. Why not combine the two and make them into little whores? It’s good training for them…

Turns out Becky was down for making some cash while having sex? Why wouldn’t she? She loves getting fucked, and teen chicks love nothing more than money!

She’s never fucked two guys at once, but she was willing to give it a shot… Sucking them both off was fun – she sucked off one cock while jerking off and stroking the other cock!

becky teen whore fucks for cash1

Even when she was getting fucked she still had the other cock in her mouth!

becky teen whore fucks for cash3

Getting both off at the same time took some talent, but she pulled it off – and in return she got a nice sperm facial and tons of cash!

becky teen whore fucks for cash2

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Fucking The Cable Guy

When Suzie new the cable guy was coming over she was ready for him – naked wearing only high heels! She was going through a bit of a dry spell and was pretty determined to get fucked by the cable guy no matter what – even if he was old and fat! And no man is going to say no to totally naked chick willing to suck off some cock!

And that’s exactly what she did – She got down on her knees and took his cock in her mouth! He was loving it!

cable guy cock

Of course it’s not every day the cable guy gets sucked off like this!

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