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Popcorn Bitch

Check out Tiffany Paris getting some popcorn at her home theater…. She can serve us popcorn in that little red dress with her slutty sexy red heels any day of the week!

Hike up that skirt a little more honey!

popcorn bitch sexy red dress1

Wondering what she’s wearing under that sexy little red dress? So were we.

Seems she’s wearing a tiny little thong – and we mean tiny! Way to go Tiffany Paris!!!

popcorn bitch sexy red dress2

Setting aside her perfect little ass for a moment….. We love her tits. Tiffany Paris has a little rack that is the perfect mouthful and not much more, but still pretty to look at and even more fun to play with!

popcorn bitch sexy red dress3

Now, bring us our popcorn bitch!

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