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Misty Anderson Working Out

Misty Anderson is one buff babe who loves to work out!

misty anderson sexy workout1

Misty Anderson isn’t like the other chicks on the Internet where someone decides to pose while pretending to work out. She really works out – and can kick your ass with her little finger. Seriously.

Take a look at her guns!

misty anderson sexy workout3 misty anderson sexy workout6

Misty Anderson is also the record holder of a number of weight lifting records at the national level. How is that for fucking impressive? Now imagine trying to take her on in bed!

misty anderson sexy workout2 misty anderson sexy workout4 misty anderson sexy workout5 misty anderson sexy workout7

However, being so buff as a woman must have it’s draw backs if you think about it. What man in their right mind would want to wrestle with Misty Anderson unless it involved a tub full of jello??

misty anderson sexy workout8

We’d wrestle with her any time but still, we are worried about getting hurt!!!!

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