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Ally Kay Outdoors

Ally Kay was spending the weekend with her boyfriend and she was very excited to see him.he has been to busy to spend some time with her so this weekend she was going to make him miss her even more and have some great fuck sessions with him so he would work less and work on pumping that pussy with his cock.She made him drive her to the park where she said she wanted to lay out and relax.She took off her clothes in a secluded area and he knew that she was ready to suck and fuck him good.


As soon as she got naked his dick got very stiff and hard for her.She noticed this and moved in to take that cock into her mouth.She looked him in the eyes as she began to suck on his long fat dick and get it nice and wet. Ally was very horny and she was missing giving him blowjobs like this.he also was relieved that he was finally able to get some pussy after all his hard work.He promised that he would see her more often to get her lips wrapped around his cock.


Once his dick was very nice and stiff she demanded that he pump her pussy from behind with his cock.He didnt argue and had her get on all fours as she spread open as wide as she could and he got closer to her hole.he grabbed on to her hips and his long hard cock started to pump her in the wet hole nice and good.She started to moan and go wild as he fucked her real good and then came inside of her.


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