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Anna Doll gets Curious

Anna Doll was very curious for a cock and she wanted to take advantage of her curiosity with her moms boyfriend.Now that she’s 19 she can make decisions on her won and fucking his cock was one that she has been thinking about for a very long time.She told him that she needed someone to talk to so he came into her bedroom.She started to grope his cock and she took it out of his pants.The thick muscle was looking good for Anna as she stroked on the dick with her hands.


She got it really hard and firm and wanted to see what it would feel like inside of her wet pussy.he turned her over and started to kiss her ass because it was very round and smooth.he ended up flicking his tongue on her pussy and her anal hole which only helped to stimulate her senses even more.


She wanted it bad and she ordered him to do the deed before her mom got home.He grabbed her by her hips and just took his cock to her wet pussy.She had never felt something so good like this before as he kept on fucking her over and over.


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