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Danielle gets Fisted

Danielle is a hardcore chick that enjoys having her whole fist inside of her holes pleasing herself.We dont know how she does it but we imagine it takes lots of practice to be able to fist yourself silly.She starts to get naked and enjoy her body by rubbing on some lotion and teasing her perky nipples on her tits.She also rubs her inner things to make them feel extra sensitive and great.


She turns over and gently begins by inserting a finger into her tight hole.She starts to gently rub on it feeling the inner walls as she pulls her hand back.That finger then turns into 2 and 3 until she feels she has her hole nice and ready to get fisted.


She opens up her legs and starts to shove her whole hand into her pink pussy.She dripping wet by this time because fisting herself always makes her very horny and she begins to imagine that its a big fat cock pumping her pussy.


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