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Early Morning Work Out

There is nothing Robbie likes more than his early morning runs up in the Hollywood hills. He brings his Ipod, and usually he’s all alone. Not this morning! Much to his surprise he ran into a cute little teen named Grace. He could tell instantly that Grace wasn’t looking for some exercise, at least not the kid that usually happens on the trails of the Hollywood hills. He stopped, they chatted for a few moments and then this hot little was down on her knees sucking him off!

Robbie loves blow jobs more than anything else, but young Grace really knew how to suck off cock!

grace teen slut loves sucking cock1 grace teen slut loves sucking cock2

Robbie knew he had a keeper, and if this cute little teen with the impressive cleavage could suck cock like this he was pretty sure she could fuck just as good!

Back to her place they went – it was nearby – and they stripped off each other’s clothes quickly! Turns out Grace is one of those teens who not only loves to fuck but knows how to fuck good!

grace teen slut loves sucking cock3

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