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Hot Team Gets Tag Teamed

Paige was a little bit desperate. Rent was due, and there was no chance of her borrowing money from family or friends. She was tapped out and about to be homeless. That was until she found out that there was a couple of guys that loved to tag team chicks like herself – and they were willing to pay big bucks for it too!

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Paige was a horny little slut who loved to suck cock any how, so sucking cock for money was an easy thing to do! It might have made her into a teenage whore, being paid for money, but she was okay with that… She was sucking cock – which she did for free any how – and she was having fun and making money!

Sex should always be that easy!

And this teen slut can suck cock all day long! One cock in her mouth, and the second cock in her hand!

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When it came time for fucking, she rode one cock while another cock got off in her mouth!

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