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Jessica Works Hard

Jessica is a hard working college co-ed that started working at a medicinal facility. She enjoys her clients and her job because she’s surround by some very natural herbs that can help people stay calm. Jessica got this job by talking to some dude called Matthew that she met in college.He was pretty help full with her and knows the owner too.She thinks hes really cute and she feels like she owes him a lot by hooking her up with such a good job.He usually comes in on a regular basis because he is a frequent customer and Jessica always welcomes him to the back.


The back of the store is where all the fun really happens when Jessica see’s that Matthew shows up.She gets so horny and happy to see him that she always ends up pleasing him in one way or another.Today she decided to give him the works because she was feeling extra energized. He showed up and they walked to the back where she pulled down his pants and his stiff long dick came out.She started to lick on the tip of the dick and Mathew was enjoying her wet lip prowess.She sucked on his long dick and got it dripping wet.


She then had him sit on the couch as his hot fat cock stood up and she got ready to straddle his body.She sat on top of him as he shoved his dick straight into her wet pussy.He started to pump her as she held on to his shoulders and bounced up and down with her tits bouncing in the air.


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