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Let Me Finger You

Mindy and Rachel had just stepped out of the pool and were enjoying each others beauty so much that Mindy wanted to take her friend further down a naught road.Mindy asked Rachel if she could finger her pussy and make her cum.She started to rub her fingers on her nice pussy lips and admire the wetness of her pussy.She leaned in and started to kiss her pussy too making Rachel moan because she was getting very hot and horny.


Mindy leaned down lower and started to flick her tongue on Rachel’s nice pussy.She licked and licked and kissed on her friends nice pussy to the point where her friend Rachel was closing her eyes and moaning and moving really uncontrollable.


Mindy then made her friend close her legs and her nice pussy lips were together. She took her fingers and began to insert them into her friends vagina.Every time she pulled them out they were completely wet and were dripping from her friends nice pussy juice.


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