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Malt Shop Cum

Dani was working at an old style diner and she was getting pretty bored because there were no cute guys coming in.She started to feel much better when she saw Tony make his way into the diner and begin to flirt with the horny teen.She was sending him some sexy symbols as she bent over and showed him her nice round ass and panties.He was getting pretty horny and asked to come over because he needed some dessert.


She saw his fat cock and she made him stand up so she could please her customer.he took out his thick dick and she openened up her mouth wide to take it all in.He was shoving that cock inside of her mouth as she got it very wet and gooey from her saliva.that was one slippery dick that needed to penetrate a hole right away.


He kept face fucking her and wanted to fuck her pussy but then she knew her boss would really see them so he decided to finish inside of her mouth.Just as he was about to finish up in her mouth she pulled back and he let it as her face got covered in his cum.


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