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Mary’s First Anal

Mary wanted to take care of Tony, and that mean taking care of all of his fantasies. And he had some wild, kinky fantasies! She promised him that she would be his whore, and that she would do anything he wanted…

When Tony told her he wanted to have a threesome with his best friend, she couldn’t say no to him… She always had the hots for Phil, so fucking him wouldn’t be a huge issue for her – and having a threesome with two men turned her on!

her first anal sex02 her first anal sex03

Mary got off on sucking both of their cocks at the same time!

But what she didn’t know is that Phil was into having anal sex! She had never had anal sex, and boy was she ever surprised when he rammed his cock up in her pussy! She was busy sucking off Tony when Phil rammed his cock right up her ass!

her first anal sex04

Her asshole isn’t tight any more!

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