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outdoor Fun

Mary Lou and Cheryl had just stepped out of the pool where they had taken a nice dip outside.The sun was very bright and it felt nice as the rays of the sunlight caressed their hot bodies.the girls noticed how hot both of their bodies were and so they decided to get a little closer to each other.They started to make out and rub their fingers along their bodies.


Cheryl wanted to experience her wet pussy so she had Mary Lou lay down and show her her nice wet hole.Cheryl bunched up her fingers and started to feel her friends long lips and wet pussy.She then began to finger fuck her and get her pussy nice and wet.


Mary Lou didnt want to be outdone so she reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator that she usually keeps in there for situations just like these.She started to pump her friends wet hole with the toy and made her scream in pleasure as she fucked her with the vibrator.


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