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Sam Norton Sex

Sam Norton was in for a surprise with her best friends huge fat cock.She has known this dude since a long time but today was the first time they were curious about how their sex life would be.They talked in Sam’s room and one thing led to another as she saw a huge bulge in his pants.She took his cock out and she had the shock of her life when she saw his fat cock present.


She couldn’t believe her eyes and if she would have known that his cock was this big before she would have fucked him a long time ago.She took his dick into her mouth instantly and she began to give him a blowjob with her mouth.She took his fat cock in and was pleasing it nice and slow.


Now that he had his cock all hard and slippery he had her undress and turn around.He liked what he saw in between her legs.A nice pink teen pussy that he wanted to fuck with his erect cock.He took his dick over and started to pound her from behind.


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