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Tasha Reign Sucks Off Music Teacher

Tasha Reign needed to pass this stupid test to pass the class – and that was important to her. If Mommy and Daddy found out she was flunking out while they were footing the bill for her college education, she was going to be in big trouble.

But now matter how she blew, it wasn’t good enough. Tasha Reign was hoping that her sexy shirt with the cleavage would be enough to get her through the class.

tasha reign sucks off teacher5

When it wasn’t, Tasha Reign looked him right in the eye and asked what she could blow that would help her pass the class.

Moments later she had her perfect little titties out and Tasha Reign was sucking his cock!

tasha reign sucks off teacher6

She’ll be sure to pass his class one way or another!

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