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Valentine Surprise

Stacy was receiving a sweet Valentine surprise from her current boyfriend.She thought it was very sweet and romantic for him to send her some flowers and chocolates.Stacy couldn’t help it but this nice gesture made her very horny and she couldn’t wait for her boyfriend to come home for her to show him.She decided to take the delivery guy to her bed and pretend it was her boyfriend.


This lucky dude sure didnt fight it as the hot teen babe got naked and waited for him on her bed.She took his cock and began to suck it in her mouth.That long thick dick was in her mouth going in and out as she gave him a blow job in delight and pleasure.


The delivery guy thought he should take advantage of the situation and pump her nice ass with his cock before she changed her mind.He turned her over and held on to her and started to fuck her from behind with his stiff dick.He pumped her in and out until the teen came all over his cock in pleasure.


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