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Weekend Boat Fuck

Teen Jezebel was very excited to be riding in her boyfriends dad’s boat.She was even more excited to be on the boat with her boyfriends dad! That’s right this horny 18 year old even seduced the older cock because she knew who really had the money in the family.We found these pictures and videos on a camera that was tossed away and it tells us the whole story of their weekend boat fuck.


Jezebel has the elder cock lay down and stick his dick straight up into the air. As he does, she happily straddles his body and takes the dick inside. She holds on to his legs as she braces to jump up and down on top of that cock.You could hear the older dude as he moans in pleasure and slaps on her nice teen ass as she bounces up and down happily.This teen was riding his cock very good!


She wanted to finish with a bang so she took out the whipped cream and started to use it on his cock.She covered his dick in the whipped cream and started to take it inside of her mouth.This long sweet treat has a nice creamy inside filling and she soon finds out when the older dude shoots out his cum and it goes straight into her horny mouth.She smiles and swallows the semen straight down.


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